eyebrows talk

So after the re-shaping madness of contouring my eyebrows, I found this website (iammeg.ph) that helps me to verify that my brows suit me.

Eyebrows tend to be overlooked in the overall makeup sphere. After all, the most you can do with them is draw them on or fill them in with brown eyebrow powder or pencil, right? Well, that may be true, but the fact is, eyebrows are so important to facial features that grooming, plucking and shaping them have caused so much stress to every woman out there!
One wrong move and you could have overplucked or too thin eyebrows, and they take forever to grow back. Now, step away from those tweezers and listen up. The perfect eyebrows depend on the shape of your face, and a great eyebrow shape will open up your eyes and make you look fresh, working in balance with the whole face’s symmetry.
When grooming your eyebrows, make sure you follow the golden rules:
• Your eyebrows should start at the bridge of your nose. You can measure this by holding up a pencil to either side of your nose. Where the pencil hits should be by the area your eyebrows start.
• Your eyebrows’ arches should start about two-thirds of the way out. If arches start too close to the center, it makes your eyebrows look like a rainbow – not a good look.
• Do not cut your eyebrows short. Let them extend towards the corner of your eye.
We’ve put together the best eyebrow shapes for the most common face shapes. Good luck on your brow journey!

A square face has an angular jaw and sharp cheekbones – you don’t want too many angles. Try to shape your brows to be more rounded and the arch, instead of sharp. Be careful not to overpluck though! You wouldn’t want your brows to look like rainbows.
A round face needs all the angles it can get. You want an high arch that can define your brow bone and bring more attention to your eyes. Plus, a high arch draws the eye upward, making your face look a little longer – always a plus.
An extended brow is the ticket for a long face. Since a long face draws the eye down vertically, you want to create a brow that will draw the eye horizontally and give the illusion of wideness. Try to draw your brow a little beyond the corner of your eye, but be careful with shaping it down. You don’t want it to make your eyes look droopy.

Heart-shapes faces shouldn’t have very bushy bold brows; added to a small jaw and wide upper face, bold brows will make a face look too top-heavy. Eyebrows shouldn’t be thin either, but in a medium thickness that provides definition without overwhelming the eye features.
Oval faces favor mostly straight, slightly arched brows that work in harmony with symmetrical features. It’s classic and balanced, easy to maintain.

>>In my case, I have a round face (kinda) I made my eyebrows a bit arched, not highly, because it suits my face and my hair just fine as well as my personality.
Our hairstyle and the way we present ourselves are important keys to consider.


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