Going gaga over Victoria Secret

First, I have known the existence of VS for long time, but never did once did I get so hooked up, (just like a woman in bloom…hhehe) in every line VS get to offer.

VS is known for their all-time favorite body care like body wash, lotion, mist, perfumes et al. I was into the mist and lotion about a decade ago, but was disheartened when I realised that it was commonly one of the counterfeited items aside from Gucci and LV’s. EEWWWW! I am kinda conscious about such regards. I cannot see the point why people participate in such scams.. If I cannot afford an original one, I might settle for the one that I can honestly claim is real. Anyway, back to my VS madness… so, I had myself tried their latest Dream Angel Body lotion. I was suppose to get the Mist, but delayed until now, thinking that I will try it first and maybe find out later that a Mist is unnecessary due to the sole benefit when it comes to the fragrance by the lotion alone (plus the fact that I cannot seem to let go of the one and only long-time love of my life perfume – Chanel no.5) And I was correct! The same time, I also got the Coconut Silkening Wash – which is really good and refreshing – though not lathery, but good enough with a soft body sponge. I am loving the Smooth Paraffin Ultimate Hand Treatment / Lotion. The scent, the touch, the feel…. loving all about it! In trial, I didn’t miss trying on the lipgloss Sparkle Gloss in red. And may I say…. I have ditched my current lipgloss and lipstick (Clinique and Givenchy ) for the everyday use.

Of course, my test of the week will not be complete without the VS undies. Compared to La Senza and M & S, I love VS more. Sadly, the brassieres are unavailable… praying soon, since La Senza line is very much welcome and adore here in the country where I am in :-)….. Guess???? never mind…..

Whether or not I will come back for another bottle of VS or care to patronise their undies???? a big Y E S ! I am thinking to get a hold of the Almond Body Lotion and the Shimmer Powder. In their leather goods, I am a fanatic of LV (most), Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Coach, Aigner , sadly no Chanel yet…but…. working on it… hehehe…. so, acquiring a bag or wallet for myself is out of my goal. I am more into their pouch bags esp. the foldable ones with such great usage for my make-up brushes etc.
>>>>On the other hand, my daughter – who is an evolving me… haha… who asked for a coach sling bag for her birthday (so thankful—out of stock! yey!) agreed to have the VS sling bag in black color for the mean time while in waiting. So far, it looks good than her Mango. Maybe I can pair it up with the VS iPad mini cover… whatever….

The quest into pure satisfaction is not over yet. Still into some purchasing soon. Still Excited.



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