Daily Aha! + Are You “Skinny Fat”?

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Babies delivered by C-section have different gut bacteria than those born vaginally.
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Before it’s born, an infant’s intestinal tract is sterile. At birth, it gets its first exposure to bacteria, which begin to establish the child’s gut microbiome. These microbial populations play a lifelong role in myriad facets of health—immunity, digestion and obesity among them. During a normal delivery, the baby is exposed to the intestinal and vaginal gut flora of the mother. In a caesarian section, the baby instead picks up its first bacteria from the skin at the incision site. This leads to the growth of a somewhat different microflora, identifiable months or years later, which may contribute to higher rates of asthma among C-section babies and other effects. READ MORE »
YouBeauty Quiz Are You Skinny Fat?
If you eat whatever you want and never gain weight, you might be skinny fat. It seems like a blessing, but research reveals the danger of what scientists call "normal weight obesity."
How to Cut Your Own Bangs by Bang Type »
The Psychology of FOMO »
The Snack That Could Save Your Life »
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