I watched this movie by Nicholas Cage and Téa Leoni entitled “The Family Man” which I have actually seen a couple of times. But the naive thing was suddenly ponder on something: choice between yourself and success – soar high up to wealth and power OR yourself and family- be a family man/woman. Two points/ sides were realized. You cannot have both world. Congratulations to those you has it and boy! may I say I envy you in every breath you take!
Anyway, moving on, I have chosen the latter. Family so height of career, of being Someone ended up with Anyone -No one. What I have is my own family – husband, kids. Had a career but nothing last because “family first”. Always together a family. I cant say I do not like it, but I cant help thinking sometimes what could have been my life had I chose myself ( selfish much?!). What coulda, shoulda, woulda….
I got no opportunity knowing unlike the character of Nicholas Cage as Jack Campbell in the movie, who was spared with “a glimpse” by Don Cheadel.
I do not know whether it will be worth fighting for, for Jack to love his glimpsed life than what he really is.
I won’t know too if I’d be in that position,but what I think: do not put ourselves between choices like love And career. It is always one or the other and once you made the choice- no turning back. Just regrets or have it.

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